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The BOUNDER Joystick Controlled Motorized Cart is ideal for quietly transporting heavy loads in tight quarters with precision control while also traversing open spaces at speeds up to 5.4 mph.

BOUNDER Motorized Cart with driver and load

One person can safely move up to 2000 lbs of cargo. The operator can walk behind or ride on a fold-down platform on the back of the cart.  The fully proportional joystick applies power to the motors in a smooth and controllable manner, reducing the risk of back injuries and improving workplace safety.  It is ideal for warehouses, mailrooms, hospitals, hotels, grocery and department stores or any other location where frequent moving of heavy items is needed.  The optional riding platform can improve workplace efficiency by allowing the operator to move quickly from one place to another. These carts are custom made to your specifications with various sizes, features and options.


  • Military
  • Construction
  • Airport
  • Hospital
  • Mailroom
  • Warehouse
  • Hotel
  • Grocery Store
  • Department Store
  • Manufacturing
  • Mortuary
  • Land/Hardscape

***Improve workplace safety ***

***Improve productivity ***

loading BOUNDER mobility cart


  • 1000 lb weight capacity
  • Stable 4-wheel design
  • Durable H-style frame uses 2.5” x 1.5” x 0.125” wall steel – TIG welded for superior strength
  • 16.5” work deck height
  • 26” wide x 48” long standard platform – alternate sizes available
  • Super Torque 4M motors and brakes
  • Rugged chain drive – won’t slip in rain or snow; easy and affordable to service and maintain
  • Flip up/removable deck pan– allows for easy access to batteries and other system components
  • Dual group 27 battery box - for extended range and ease of maintenance
  • Xtra Duty 12 position adjustable suspension forks with oversized 5/8” ID (inside diameter) wheel bearings and 1” diameter fork stems and 1" ID caster barrel bearings
  • UE1 Series electronics – 6 drive programs, battery condition meter, diagnostics, and more
  • Smart electric brake release – for easy pushing without using the joystick
  • Top Speed: 5.4 mph – slower speeds available
  • 9” x 3.50” steel caster wheels – excellent on most surfaces including grass and dirt roads; various tire options
  • 12.75” x 4.00” steel drive wheels – available with smooth or knobby treads
  • Very stable rear wheel drive – does not fishtail at higher speeds, unlike front and mid-wheel drives
  • Durable black powder coated frame
  • Fully automatic 8A dual mode battery charger – charges both gel-cell and lead acid batteries; optional 12A charger available
  • Detailed Owner's Manual
  • Easy to service and maintain
BOUNDER Motorized Cart with optional riding platform
Optional Fold Down Riding Platform
BOUNDER Motorized Cart with 2000 lb weight capacity
BOUNDER Motorized Cart with optional 2000 lb cargo capacity
Control and Push Handle
Dual Casters


  • Increase Cargo Capacity to 2000 lbs – includes additional frame reinforcements, dual casters & powerful ST4S motors
  • Fold down riding platform – allows the operator to ride behind the cart
  • Adjustable height push rails – allows the joystick control box and the push rail height to be adjusted to the needs of the operator
  • 13” power deck height elevation – smoothly adjusts the work deck from 16.5" to 29.5" above the ground
  • 30 degree power deck tilt – can be used to more easily unload items off the work deck
  • Custom deck length, width and height – order to fit your needs
  • Custom built pull-behind carts with occupant seat
  • Custom side panels and rails for work deck
  • Custom shelves, baskets, cylinder tank holders and containers
  • Off-Road Package – allows for travel over grass, dirt and snow
  • Independent Drive Wheel Suspension – reduces vibration to payload when traveling over obstacles or on rough terrain
  • 48V versions –  increases speed and/or payload capabilities
  • Various powder coated frame colors
  • Roller bumpers – reduces marking and damage to walls and doors
  • Many electronic options
  • Accessories: lights, horn, rear view mirror
joystick controller
Power elevate deck

A toggle switch is used to elevate the deck height.  13” elevation possible.  Allows the deck height to be adjusted to the same height as the working surface so less lifting is required when loading cart. Optional joystick control of deck height is available.

power deck tilt

A toggle switch is used to tilt the deck.  Allows items to be transferred off the cart more easily. Optional joystick control of deck tilt is available.

Custom Motorized Dross Cart
foundry photo

Primarily used in foundrys, the BOUNDER Motorized Cart allows a single operator to move a crucible and skim dross quickly and easily. This version of the BOUNDER Motorized Cart is customized by adding steel skirting to protect the cart's motors, electronics and tires from splashes of molten metal during the skimming process.

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